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Susanna Rasmussen is a Registered Counsellor,
practicing an Integrated Holistic approach to therapy.

+27 734132336 | | @_morethantherapy_


Greetings, my name is Susanna Rasmussen-Oertli, I am a qualified counselor/therapist. I strive to help you build-up healthy and positive self-esteem techniques, which will lead to a more fulfilling life. 


I was born and raised in Switzerland, in 1992 I immigrated to Cape Town, South Africa where I have been living ever since.

I completed my studies and training as a qualified counselor through the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP). 

I consult clients in person based in Cape Town, South Africa as well as online globally. My counseling services are available in English, German and Swiss.


I offer an Integrated Holistic Approach to therapy, which addresses your mind, spirit and body. Together we will investigate your current life situation and develop new techniques that allow for a more balanced life with higher levels of self-acceptance.

The goal is to bring you towards your inner centre, where you are able to cultivate a new and improved life balance. Instigating courage to reshape everyday life, open up again for a new quality of life and satisfaction.



Talk based therapy merges Western and African ideologies and philosophies. This style of therapy with a professional has proven to be a very effective method in loss and life changing situations, as it helps the individual in filling in the gaps that friends and loved ones may be unsuccessful in doing and bringing about new thoughts and ideas to allow for a more holistic healing process.


Loss & Grief

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Depression & Burnout



I trained and completed my studies at South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP).


Accredited by the South African Qualification Authority within the National Qualifications Framework, this training is internationally accredited with the Registry of Counselor Education Program (IRCEP).

Thank you for your message, I will make contact with you shortly.

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